A Change

Written by: Muhammad Shanazar

Was this the face upon which, 
Beautified innocence danced and danced? 

How looks gazed, riveted untiringly! 
The black lashes cast glimmering shadows, 
In the dark deep blue glassy eyes; 
As the reedy tufts along the banks, 
Do while throwing wavering reflections, 
In the unpolluted azure deep lake. 

How frantic heart urged to explore, 
Plunge into the depths, to be lost, 
Never to be found, to endure the pangs. 
The black curly locks eclipsed, 
Enchanting more the broad fair forehead. 

The words slipped from the tender lips, 
As do the dews from the blooming roses, 
When the breeze shakes them gently, 
Like beads they dropp one by one. 
And as the dancing waves do travel, 
Spread smiles onto the smooth cheeks. 

Ah! What a horrible change brought, 
Imperceptible feet of the passing decades, 
Trod trampling the stage of beauty. 
The deep creasy wrinkles seem to us, 
As a dull furrowed farm of Autumn. 

The cloudy eyes with spots of cataracts, 
Pouring out fluid full of disgust, 
Teethless gums behind the withering lips, 
Dribbling mouth from both the corners, 
Flesh hanging down like loose sleeves, 
White worn out hair as brittle juty fiber, 
Present catastrophe, inevitable, bare, 
Which is forsaken in the days of vigour.