Those eyes

Written by: Leonard Taormina

She puts Her lips (so soft and wet) upon the pipe of glass;
with a lighter comes a flame;
She takes a massive blast.
  The smoke does billow through the pipe;
   As She sucks it to Her lungs;
   It is then that all does change before the hit is done.

Now a creature of the night, she has but one desire;
Like a vampire seeking blood;
She craves the smoke of fire.
   Husband gone children lost, parents turned away;
   Daily wondering place to place;
   She has no where to stay.

Rushing to a hopeless end, she treats Her life as trash;
Giving pieces of herself;
To get a little stash.
   Dirty rooms and old hotels, She searches every day;
   Living life to hit the pipe;
   For her the only way.

For those of you who look and see; 
And offer other plays;
take one look;
 Then turn around;
  For She;
  Will never stay.