Happy Mothers Day

Written by: Ronald Bingham


You gave me life, then you set me free,
To make my choices , all good you wished for me.

You sheltered me from life’s many storms,
I felt so safe when I was wrapped in your loving arms.

You were my guide, yet you allowed me to stray,
When I’d do wrong, you’d cry then pray.

Your heart was so tender, yet your words were strong,
You’re forever in my heart where you belong.

It’s days like these that bring forth the rain,
I’ll always see your smiling face and the love you gave will always remain.

This is a special day, for all the mothers like you,
God please grant these ladies their wishes, let them all come true.

Let this day bring about abundant happiness, and may they all be blessed,
And let them be pampered, it’s their day to rest.

Happy Mothers Day, may this be your best,
Just sit there and enjoy it for you are our honored guests.