He Who Depends on Extenze

Written by: tom bell

A miracle pill
Makes "that certain part of a male body"
Much bigger...
This commercial the trigger
For 100 million sales
And it never fails

So ol' tom sent for some,
Not that he had any prospect
Of needing such a miracle
Just curious, you might say

And lo and behold,
After the very first day...
My big toe was 18 inches long
No shoe could I get on

So if you believe these claims
Remember what some are
The secret's in the RX27 fiber technology
And they go so far 
To back up their claims
With goobley-gook
Buy this spoon, you'll be a cook!

They treat us as morons,
Well, perhaps they're right
But must I endure this drivel
Day and night?

Makes me laugh, that's true
But then again,
You probably want to see
What they can do.