Things Kids Do

Written by: Jodie Steward

Since becoming a mother
I got to know children well,
How they sneak around
What big stories they can tell.

They are so full of energy
For they are always on the go,
Being much like an angel
Until they are told the word no.

They are quick to make friends
Yell bye while darting out the door,
Come back with a friend to stay
You sigh thinking sure whats one more.

They scream, fuss, cry
Say how being grounded's unfair,
Forgetting about what they did
As the reason to why they are there.

Siblings are often tattleing
They scream at each other and fight,
Your try hard to solve it all
They just say you dont have things right.

While you finally decide one day
No matter what you just can't win,
You let them live and learn themselves
Knowing with children there is no end.