Beauty behind the Lack

Written by: michelle farala

Don't be cry if you are blind,
You're lucky than a man having a tantalizing 
Eyes who use these to tempt the other man.
Don't speak if could hurt somebody
And use these to speak a lie, a dumb is better
On you who thanks that only his tongue 
That God did not give to him.
Don't be afraid if you cannot hear, you are
Better to a man having a clearly ears
Because they are real deaf who
Cannot hear the wonder of truth.
Don't be shy for having no arms, that you 
Cannot hug the one you love
Because you are more solicitous to those 
Having two arms, who did not learn how 
To hug a human like you.
Don't lose hope if you are no legs to walk,
But know where to go.
You're better to a man having a legs who
Put his steps on his unknown destiny.
Don't have mercy on you're self, because 
Behind your lack there's a beauty and
The key of your success was in the
Middle of your heart.