Written by: Astrid Ivy Gibbs

Where are all the cowboys?
Where have they all gone?
Maybe they're in Texas, but they sure aint here - yee haw!
The kind who says, howdy, maam.
Then they tip their hat.
Maybe they're in Arizona, I wouldn't know about all that.
I saw one in a magazine just the other day.
Good thing he could not see me, and I'll leave it there, okay?
Where are all the cowboys?
Tell me, where could they all be?
Maybe they're in Colorado, but they aint in Tennessee.
The kind who say, you sure are pretty.
Do ya mind if I sit down?
A man gets kinda thirsty, and I'm new here in this town.
I do not know what else to say.
I just know the way I feel.
If God don't send a cowboy soon, I might find one I can steal!

Inspired by listening to my Urban Cowboy soundtrack.