Whisper In The Dark

Written by: tom bell

I hold you close to me,
And no one else can see
And I whisper in your ear,
To calm your raging fear

Moist sheets, entwined love
I wonder how,
Someone above...

Blessed me with this
Exhilarating me,
With this night of love

Quicksilver Messenger plays
Or perhaps it's Barry White...
Either way I know
This will be a memorable night,

The heat of passion
Rises up to greet,
This love I cherish,
A love so sweet...

I hope tomorrow
Never does arrive,
For I know,
I'll never again feel so alive

But this taste alone
Makes all other days
Fade into a foggy haze

My Love, please cling to me,
For an hour or so more,
You are the one
I so truely do adore...

And if God calls me
Back on home,
I know that I
Will never be alone

Entwined our hearts,
Our destiny,
There is no other way
That it could ever be.