Memories and Time

Written by: Lindsay Laurie

Time is the healer that carries us over the line,
When we are saddened with someone we’re leaving behind,
As we become holders of hearts that are broken apart,
But memories and time are menders of a broken heart.

You can talk to the heavens and plead with your God up above,
And pray that it’s wrong for you still want to deal out your love,
But life after death is something that’s out of our hand,
When memories and time are healers to help understand.   

Memories are stored where the tears are not too far away,
And time draws a line attempting to widen each day,
But you still see the reason that makes you cross over the line, 
Where memories and time are meant to wipe out that sign. 

Life is so precious that we cannot know when we die,
We don’t feel the heartache and we don’t hear anyone cry,
Our legacy’s strong the day that the church bells will chime, 
And our soul is judged, by the strength of memories and time.