Written by: Cesar Amiel Gamara

Love has its own beginning

but you will never know its ending..

Love has to survive all

whether the rise & fall..

Love can be an inspiration

or  a self-destruction

Love can be a magic

unfortunately it can also be tragic..

Love is a miracle maker

or a wisdom breaker..

Love has its own wing

but sometimes it's controlled with a string..

Love is a rainbow

or spread a color of sorrow..

Love is a guidance

or can turn into a hindrance..

Love is an art

or a sketch of a wounded heart..

Love is a word

but it may hurt you like a pointed sword..

Love is trust

or it may disguise as lust..

Love is the triumph of the protagonist

or the unleashing of the beast..

Love is the conquering of fears

or the flowing of tears..

Love is happiness

or it may be too hapless..

Love is the sparkling of the eyes

or the melting of the ice..

Love is like a couple in a park walk

or to go home together without a talk..

Love is the strenghtening of faith

or losing one's real fate..

Love is everything

or just nothing.