Nimble Preeminence

Written by: Jean Prinsloo

Building walls around my heart secluded 
a second helping of worldly prevalence. 
Stunting evolving insight, purposely eluded,
to falter the pain of such an incidence. 
Finely crafting a masterpiece, a show
to entertain the ones who stand.
Indifferently freedom is offered to grow,
available to who takes the hand.
My emotions force a battering-ram, 
beating erratically, watching the darkness rip.
This feeling unexpected turned a friendship 
into something greater than I am. 
And I breathe deeply in the inevitable truth,
realizing that honesty will bring liberation,
that no wall will ever soothe,
the purest feeling in creation.
As stones fall loudly around me
and crush violently against the norm.
I light a roaring fire for you to see
should you seek it in the storm.
I am light and power, I am love and sound.
A great spirit in a small world, that cannot be bound.