Written by: steve watts

It ain’t the way the wind blows
or what’s left when it’s gone
and it ain't in the bank roll
money never tastes that strong
and it’s not in the flowers
that you send her when she’s gone
it ain’t what happens to you
it’s the way you carry on.

A life can bring you trouble
it can pull the other way
and love can beat you double
till you don’t know what to say
it ain’t what you do or don’t do
that will help you win the day
and it ain’t what you carry
it’s what you loose along the way.

Your chains are much too heavy
they’ll drag you to the ground
it ain’t the way you talk to many
it’s the words your leaving’ out.

You can’t climb a mountain
with your head up in the clouds
but you can swim the ocean
without the water moving’ out
it’s not the way you tell it 
when your stories at the end
it’s the way that you receive it
when you make another friend

These weights are old and heavy
they’ll drag and bury me
if it ain’t the way you want it
it’s the way it’s meant to be
it ain’t the way the wind blows
or the sandstorm or the drought
it’s the way that we perceive it
i know this without a doubt.

(c) s.watts