Who knows.

Written by: carl dunford

 Who knows what might be,
 the future I would love to see.
 What will become of me.
the friends I hold so dear,
my wife my kids, my family.
I hope my kids,know right,
from wrong, and live a life,
healthy and long.
My wife and I will grow old,
and grey, 
shouting to hear what each other,
has to say.
The world will be a better place,
you can look each other in the face.
Wars,and famine are the past,
peace, is here at last.
The friends I hold so dear,
will still be here,
we will talk of times of  the past,
how then, we wished, they would last.
could this be so,or is it me,
I  wish some one would say,
either way.
Who knows.