Too Far Down the Road

Written by: Greta Robinson

I did not seek you out again
but you found me.
A little further down the road
still stumbling
still clinging to a crumbling wall
still falling against sharp stones.

I did not call you, you called me.
You taunted, you teased.
The thought of you, the images of you
so pleasing
But my path stretches out before me.
My heart must be torn apart
before you can claim me.

I yearn to look you in the eye
and melt away, softly, silently
but I'm too far down the road.
So comforting
to know you are there, but I'd
really rather you left me alone.
You cannot have me.

I am in exile, and I'll not gaze 
longingly on the path
that leads to home.
Yet you tempt me so, the thrill
of your soft soothing voice
in my unsuspecting ear
makes me want to go.

When will you claim me?
Not till my dreams are fallen in shreds
Not till my hopes are dried up and dead
You can never save me from a broken heart
I am just too far down the road.