You Want More

Written by: Eli Moon

And here I lie again
I have broken into pieces
And living this pain
Unfulfilled my broken wishes

Everything I done for you
was never enough
I was always there
When times got rough

But you want more from me
What else could I give you?
You want more from me
Is there more I could do?

And I listen to your words
You want more answers
I gave you everything
I was there for you for hours

I sacrificed my soul and my heart
But I am living in a cold fear
I have erased all problems
And now, I am dying here

And you want more from me
I gave you my life
You want everything from me
I was there all the time

It was never enough!
It was always about what you want
Because you want something more
I could give you before
I come undone

You want something more from me
Can you tell me what will it be?