Written by: carl dunford

Goodbye is a word I don't,
want to say.
I wish I could save it,
for another day.
But say it I must,
with out delay or fuss,
on your leaving day.
I hope the words come
out ,what I want to say.
I only wish it wasn't this way.
I may sound choked,
but I will do my best 
to let my words out.
Leave you in no doubt,
of what you mean to me.
It's not my style to cry a while,
I am  normally tough,
but the thought of you going away,
is too much for me.
Goodbye does not mean the end,
I know in my heart I will see you
So when I say goodbye to you
I will say it with a smile,
because I know its not forever,
only for a while.