Diluted by Fear

Written by: Melissa Gregg

Don’t ever question my love for you
As I will forever question myself
Could I have been stronger
And held onto your adoration?

Letting your love fill me up
Flowing through me like warm water
Seeping into all the hidden crevices
I created for myself

Sheltering my heart with walls
That simply melted in your hands
Like the finest sugar
The stickiness clinging to your fingertips

Only now do I see that
I censored myself for your consumption
While the heart melted, melded into yours
The soul was still fear’s cowering prisoner

The memories I have of you
Will soon be replaced by
Anger, Sadness, Loneliness, Fear
Because there is no you

The vast nothing that consumes me
Is all I have left
I am merely a shell, housing emptiness
Diluted by fear