Where Does Love Go

Written by: Melissa Gregg

Where does love go when it just goes away?
When you wake up one morning
Can’t bring yourself to say
Those 3 little words
Of such magnificent meaning
Causing a stir in my very being

Did you wish it away?
Did your heart go astray?
Did I do something wrong?
Can you tell me the day?

Please tell me the day 
Your love went away

Did you crawl into bed
Look over at me 
Decide this is a place you’d rather not be?
A defining moment one can’t explain
Or were you just waiting for the 
Day that it rained?

Sometimes I swear I can still feel your love
In your smile, in your touch
How I’ve missed it so much
That old familiar feeling 
Creeping back into your heart
Like that night when you swore
‘Til death do us part

But like a cold December night
With a shiver down my spine
I breathe in your sadness
And the heartbreak becomes mine
As I lay here awake
Hopes of a day, a day when your love
Would never