Written by: Melissa Gregg

With all you’ve been through it’s easy to see 
Why you’ve chosen to lead this life of 

A powerful man with values
Who lost himself along the way
You turned pain into something real
Something tangible for all to see

You’ve had your share of heartbreak 
Women too proud to love you
And only you, for who you are
More importantly, who you’ve become

For you the answer was simple
Shut down, close off the world
Make sure to guard your heart
Never let anyone close enough to see the scars

But while your heart was sealed
And your world closed down
Did you ever stop to think
That maybe you were missing HER?

What if she were right in front of you
Waiting for you to simply notice her
And the scars didn’t matter
But you never opened your eyes?

I can accept not allowing yourself
To love another woman
After all, it’s your pain and sadness
Something I would wish upon no other

But don’t tell me you’re not going
To allow yourself to be loved
Because that choice is not yours
…it’s mine