Nice guy.

Written by: carl dunford

      I saw a girl, the other day,
      she took my breath away.
      For one moment I was back in time,
      long ago when she was mine.
      The eyes the hair, I swear,
       She was there.
       I wanted to open my mouth,
      say remember me.
       No words would come out,
       the shock was too deep,
       the wounds still there,
       did she really care.
        It was twenty three years ago,
        we met at an R .A.F. disco
         We did every thing together,
         ice skating outside in the winter weather.
         She turned my world upside down.
         I was so happy ,
          not a care in the world,
          till the fateful day,
          she blew my world away.
         A dear John came my way.
         "Sorry your a nice guy,I hope you find some one new,
           there is no future for us two"
           These words haunt me to this day,
           why do the nice guys,
            get blown away!