Your 50th Anniversary: a tribute to Ed and Gwen Towns

Written by: louise nelson

It's called the golden anniversary 
when it has lasted for 50 years
when a couple manages to stay together 
through all the blood, the sweat and the tears

you've had your share of make-ups and shake-ups 
yet your love and respect for each other remained steadfast
and despite your obvious commitment to each other
there were some who did not think it would last
but Ed and Gwen you proved them all wrong
as your marriage only got better and strong

your love for each other has endured the test of time
for Jesus is your foundation and the root of your vine
together you entered into the political ring
and dealing with Congress is not an easy thing
together you raised and reared a child or two
and in spite of the teenage years somehow you made it through
to Mr & Mrs. Edolphus Towns, man and woman, husband and wife
your 50 year union is a testimony on how to have a good married life

to Ed and Gwen from your Berean Baptist Church family
we love you, we honor you and we salute you on your 50th Anniversary