Younger days.

Written by: carl dunford

  Cooking breakfast,
   peeling vegetables,
   to pay the rent,
   in my younger days ,
   that's how my time was spent.
   Some times washing plates,
   working from early till late,
    never having time, to think straight.
    When the working day was done,
   it was time to have some fun.
   My mates and I would hit the town,
   eyeing the girls all around.
   We danced to impress,
   at least we tried our best.
  T o Micheal Jackson , we danced,
  glancing at the girls ,thinking please
  give me a chance.
   The answer was all ways the same,
   they didn't want to know my name.
    Was my after shave too strong,
    or was my chat up line all wrong.
    Either way what the reason be,
    I finally found a girl,
    who smiles with me.