When To Walk Away

Written by: Jodie Steward

Friends may come and go
Many stay around for years,
They become just like family
Without them seems life disappears.

Things go smooth and great
Can't wait for the next chat,
Laughter and tear's you share
Thinking how sweet is that.

Then as quickly as it started
Things begin to change,
Lies and fighting non-stop
New plans you quickly arrange.

Wanting it all as it once was
Inside know its really ment to be,
But no compromise in the future
Agree to just set each free.

The days after are lonely
A perfect friendship has died,
One is quilty of being to controling,
The other because they have lied.

Accusing and pointing a finger
Saying the other is to blame,
Knowing its just not true
For your both equal in shame.

Time and time again it is
You both agree to again try,
The same arguements occur
Its just different days go by.

So, how doe's one know
If they should simply stay,
Or if there is no real solution
But, turn and just walk away.