The Dying Embers of Chivalry

Written by: Dima N.

Darkness in the world suffocates and prevails 
I retrieve plaintively The Canterbury’s Tales  

Begin my own pilgrimage to the land of kings and knights 
When there were other meanings to the word heights 

To the time of true chivalry not outrageous impudence 
To the time of faith, nobility and reticence

To the time when audacity was more than just a software
To the time when allegiance wasn’t a singular affair

Knights of the Round Table heralded their pledge and prowess 
To their fellow men, they bestowed justice and largess

Well, such were the tales of true homage and humanity 
Before the human race was destroyed by the caltrops of vanity 

Along the path of my journey, I became aware of one truth 
It’s our own Renaissance that should be sought by our youth…