Wait Death

Written by: Magnus Nwagu Amudi Esq

Wait Death

When in a hurriedly hurricane
An egg expounding hope
Slips, falls and cracks open
The mother bird stands helpless
Shall she weep for a child to come?
As if the invidious kite has done
The evil she witnesses

When a green growing fruit drops
It has denied a man its joy
It’s tree mother the fulfilling joy

Even in the face of drought
The planted seed cries for rain

When an owl sings
In the daylight
Again, a soul, a young soul goes
With bitterness and languish
Causing and abusing fate

He designs to renovate the Milky Way
A golden egg of a cock
Even the Angels Strike
Remorselessly death prepares for another

Do not dig out the yam in May
For you shall eat but okra- like yam