Written by: Astrid Ivy Gibbs

This is for a friend, and you know who you are.
My ear I will lend, though the distance is far.

Things as you know are fighting our need.
That may be so, but I'll fight back til I bleed.

I am an empath, this I know and believe.
Here is the path it will take to succeed.

Grounding's a must and I will tell you why.
Me, you can trust because I don't lie.

We have to be strong and not let it in.
The process is long but our hearts we defend.

Go get a stone as it says on that link.
You're not alone and I won't let you sink.

We have a gift , though it seems like a curse.
We can uplift those in need who feel worse.

Some are not worthy, so we leave them alone.
To avoid feeling dirty, let it absorb in the stone.

Practice is vital to allow us to deal.
No time to be idle, these feelings are real.

The stone is a tool but the grounding's the way.
Do not let it rule it's a crutch that can't stay.