Oh! My Valentine


Lo! What a fine day it is
All the creatures are basking in bliss.

The sunlight has found his essence in the rippling river
Look the way it flows and dance,
Gleaming and singing passionately by making her voice quiver.

Listen! To the buzz of the honey bees,
The Queen has found her mate and the drones, environ them and relish,
Outshine them with golden grains of pollen and scatter nectar all the way for a 
royal retread.

Listen! To the breeze cool, calm and composed
Murmuring in its own way, some song for you and me,
heralding the onset of the day of love, which I possess for thou my beloved.
Watch! The leaves are shaking and the flowers pouring upon us from that 
teasing tree.

The birds in couples, like cupid stricken,
are flying in harmony, high under the shy sky.

It’s the ambience of love my valentine
And with thy charm and gaze, thrice its size blooms the eglantine.

Let’s inherit all the love of earth, sky and water
And make a dazzling dwelling made solely of love, which amongst all gems 
shine and glitter.