Dreams don't come true..!!

Written by: argho chakraborty

I dreamt of a world,
A dream which never came true..!!
Not a bed of roses,
Not a house on the clouds..!!
Not a life with out any pain,
Just a life with my friends,
Friends whom i love..!!
Was that a bit too much.??	
As I am left all alone,
Alone in the ocean of pain & hurt..!!
Struggling for every breath,
No I don't want to die..
I am scared and hurt..!!
Whom do I call for help..??
As it is my friends who pushed me to death..!!
As my limbs turn blue and Numb..;
As the icy water chill ma bones,
I face a struggle within..
As even my soul fights to leave me alone..!!
With my soul leaving me every second,
My eyes are filled with tears,
As I see all My "Friends" Laughing,
While I Cry & try & try..
Now I am dead & I can say..
Every thing comes true ...
But, Not dreams,
Dreams never come true..!!