Colour me black, colour me beautiful

Written by: Michael Mabwe

My beloved Africa
The cradle of humanity
Civilization starting in the Nile valley
Africa the cradle of writing 
Hieroglyphics dating back from Egypt
Yet Africa brags no literature 
The monster colonialism sunk its jaws deep into Africa’s heart
Its ugly face, continue we to see
Developing underdevelopment
Disuniting the united 
Colour me black
Colour me beautiful
Call me an African

I come in a Christly way 
Not to sacrifice but to clarify
I come not to defend  
Neither do I come to offend
I come burdened with a Jeremiah mission
My vision in the mission
To pluck and to plant
To destroy and to built
I come burdened with a journalistic responsibility
To say nothing but the truth
Proud of blackness
Far from being a symbol of darkness
Colour me black
Colour me beautiful
Call me an African

Where are some of he wanders of the world?
Our forests like our intellects
Forever remain evergreen
Knitted with amazing rivers such as the Victoria Falls
Ahoy mama Africa
Ahoy communication
Ahoy gerontocracy
Ahoy African culture and values

Continue trading in wisdom
Jealously guard your freedom
Shun prophets of doom 
Today I have a dream
That forever, I shall be coloured
Call me black and I am coloured
Coloured beautiful
For I am full of beauty
And so is my mother, mama Africa.