I Had A Dream

Written by: JAY JOHNSON


                                          I had a dream. Oh, I had a dream,
                                          I sat in a chair of despair thinking
                                       Of the love and memory of my mother.
                  In my dream I built a stairway to heaven with tears to hug her.
                            Halfway, without a sound or word in the silent skies
                                             an angel appeared unto me.
                                          It was a precious and beautiful sight.

            "Oh!" I said, "could you ask God for me, to cross a rose and lilac together,
             to create a bush with large clusters of white, pink, and purple flowers,
                                                  with fragrance of memory,
                     and give it long green stems so it can stand free and gracefully?
                          Also, ask him to give it a name, a special name, 'Kollock ',
                             and let it represent never forgotten love and memories?"

                                             In my dream God did this for me, 
                                    and gave it to my mother as a gift from me.

                                                            Jay Johnson