Lady Is Dead

Written by: Joseph Granda-Padron

Got on that bus
late for work
by a few simple minutes...
one bus behind schedule
one song more on the Ipod
the hangover pulsating out 
of my fore
passengers seated 
beside me     in front of me
all looking to the front
towards our destination
when she walked out into
the street
& the bus bumped 
& screeched to a halt.
Some lady... dead underneath
the wheel.
I climbed out the back
door of the bus
the others crying     screaming of death
I rushed off into the distance
as the concerned struggled 
to come to that dead things
aid... she needed more 
help then the bus driver
& I...
I was late for work
Rent, Milk for my child, Toilet tissue
I haven't time to stop
for death...
tomorrow I'll wake an hour 
earlier     tomorrow I'll be on that
early bus.