The end of an Era

Written by: rebecca travis

The end of an Era has come upon me.
I walk through this full but empty house.
I feel nothing but sadness.
I close myself out,
to the tears,
that are barely contained,
just beneath the surface.
I have 
and all of it mixed with,
anger and hatred.
I keep wishing,
that I could take it all back,
go back to the beginning .
I find myself wanting more,
wanting to hang on to it all.
I can feel the rejection was over me,
in thundering waves.
I want to ignore it all,
but I cant.
I want to believe,
that there was more.
That I was more. 
Sometimes I see it 
Sometimes I am blind.
I have tried to create something,
that doesnt exist,
or simply cannot exist.
There was a fading love there,
I have to believe that.
But to what extent,
I will never know.