Flying Without Wings

Written by: Ellioza Nacionales

Flying without Wings 
I'm not one of the lucky person 
Who was born with a golden spoon in the mouth 
And look up by people like a star 
Because I grow up in a place of rugs 
But I never questions God 

If some poeple who live the way I live 
Believed we born with this fate 
And we can't do anything but to accept 
But my mind don't want to agree 
Because it believe I am the captain of my ship 

So I take a breath 
And look up in the sky 
Telling myself someday I will shine 
Maybe not like a star 
But I could be a fire fly 

I start flapping my wings 
So I could start aiming my dream 
and just like a baby 
Who just learn to walk 
I fail and stumble 

But the courage I have in my heart 
Makes me strong to get up again 
Determine to try and try 
Until I can spread my wings 
To fly up high