Home Culture

Written by: Lindsay Laurie

When I awake each morning,
I may be culturally alone,
My breakfast is peculiar
And to many be unknown.

Procedure may be unaccepted,
Nor traditional as such,
But seeing it’s my culture,
To others shouldn’t matter much.

If I blend garlic with ice cream,
Eat apples with tomato sauce,
And I do this in my own home,
Then it is cultural of course.

It is my culture…my desire,
To eat the way I do,
It is the way I choose to live,
Just the same as you.

And naturally your culture,
Will be different to mine,
If it’s restricted to your home,
Then everything is fine.

But when a brash invader,
Comes uninvited through my door,
And tries to push their will on me,
This leads to cultural war.