Stand Firm!

Written by: Bev Edwards - Walther

Stand firm, though the winds blow strong;
For this storm shall pass as quickly as it rose.
With the Rock as your anchor you will not be tossed to & fro

Just as the dead limbs are purged from a tree, 
You will be made free from destruction.

Be joyful, for this is a time of growth.
A time where you draw close to God, 
The One who made you.

For He knows who you are,  and what you can do.
If we stay where it is comfortable 
We do not grow, we do not learn.

Thirst for His knowledge, desire His wisdom.
Accept His peace and His grace.

For without His Son, Jesus, we have nothing.
Above all, want everything God has to offer.
Teach me O Lord, to do Thy ways!

With You I fear nothing.