Step Forward

Written by: Bev Edwards - Walther

Step forward and take the ground I’ve given you.  
Did I not say where you put your foot you shall have?  
Do you believe Me not?  

Why then do such small things concern you 
Rather than the great things that I have spoken to you?

There are others to take the concerns of the small things, 
You I have chosen to take the things of greater challenge.  

Concern yourself with My work, not that of man or building or money!  
MY PEOPLE are of greater value; the lost are to be your concern!

My love is to shine forth to My people; 
My hands are the hands of My servants, 
Stay ready to be used of Me.

I want to love the people whom I created, 
I call unto them, but they hear Me not.  

Be there for Me to speak through, 
let Me love them through you.  

You are the faithful servant whom I have called.