Look toward Heaven

Written by: Bev Edwards - Walther

As I look toward the heavens,
He reaches His hand down.

Totally surrounded, I sit totally
surrounded by His presence.

He passes through my very being.
Fills my mind, my body, my soul.
And my spirit dances within me with joy.

A total cleansing and refreshing
Over whelms me from His touch.

As He takes my hands 
My heart melts within me.

His eyes smile with love,
It saturates all He looks upon.
He guides me in His ways.

The heavens open wide for my Lord to come.
To meet me in the air,

To usher me into the kingdom.
He stands so majestic.

He waits there in all His glory.
He waits for me to come home.
My eyes are fixed on Him.

To Him alone do I desire 
My presence to share.

His arms encircle me.
Just as they did on the cross.

He suffered so I could come home,
I long for the day when 
He says, ‘You’re home!’