Written by: Jude Chukwuemeka

Lagos drags herself to work
She wakes and she burns
Sleep-drunk her belly churns
With footfalls on her tired back

Fumes rage from cars and trucks
Chimes in traffic hiccup
After rainfall her guts brim up
With clouds of dust and heat

Traders sell from window shops
Hawkers shout their goods and wares
In the bustle no one cares
As Lagos buries her face in the din

Moneymakers march around
With gaping holes in their smiles
Waiting quotes from a thousand miles 
Like eager miners of coal

Area boys in nooks and crannies
Unemployed lungs roaming the streets
Perpetrators of criminal feats
By-products of greed and corruption

The politician`s pensive mood
Surmise a swell time in the House
Passings of bills for a little grouse 
And time to loot the nation`s fund

Black beauties stroll past night clubs
Delicate bronze bodies in brocades
Outlines like silhouettes of sunshade
Waiting for Lagos` filial embrace

Lagos drags herself to sleep
She sleeps but she burns
In perpetual mirth she churns
While footfalls die away