The Importance of Wearing Gloves

Written by: Orma Sullivan

The importance of wearing gloves.
The importance of putting them on, just so.
The quality of this gesture shows the world
one's good breeding, set apart.

The importance of putting fingers and thumbs
into their proper place,
done poorly, there's a chance of being caught,
committing a grand faux pas that would scandalize
the year's social season.

The importance of proper adjustment, alignment,
achieved with a quick, firm push between the fingers,
securing a place on top of the hand for the three,
tightly stitched ridges.

The battle cry of the country club set
is heard as women line up,
ready to go to war for the sake of appearances.
Did Athena wear gloves?  "Pray, tell me, quick."
Some semblance of mythic history is needed,
or my friend's mother will have shot herself in vain.

*For a high-school friend who lost her mother in 1966.