Written by: JAY JOHNSON

                                                  When I first saw her,
her golden complexion caught my eyes like the gold of an autumn day.

                     She moved so freely and gracefully with charm and beauty.

When she touched me I felt the drum beat ( thumpidy, thump, thump ) pounding    
                                                     in my heart.   

                    I knew right from the start, she was my solitude of passion.

                                 The door of my heart was open,
                  she stepped in and behind her she gently closed it.

                         My thoughts vanished like a rainbow under the sun.
                  Me saying welcome, come in and love me!, love me!, love me!
       take away this desire that grows deep!, deep!, deep!, down inside of me.

            My conversation with her was like we had spoken many times before.
As I got to know her I started to feel those old!, old!, old!, feelings of love again.

When I first kissed her it was like, my first kiss and my hundredth kiss combined.
The kiss was an allusive illusion, and erotic, but yet like we had kiss ninety nine 
times before.

           Her lips against mine, my lips against hers trying to grasp her soul.

                                  Still when I kiss her that feeling exist.

Still when she touches me that drum beat ( thumpidy, thump, thump ) pounds in 
                                                     my heart.

                                               Jay Johnson