Elderly Neglect and Abuse

Written by: Bev Edwards - Walther

Our aged among us need love, care and compassion
Not someone callous, lashing out at them with hostility
Someday you too will be so frail and weak
Is that the way you want your last days to be?

Consider yourself lucky to pass on at an early age
For you very well  may get someone serving you with rage
I doubt seriously you could take what they are receiving
With endurance and strength their dear hearts endure

You’re not made of the stuff they are, not by far
For they worked hard, had compassion in all that they did
Your day will come soon enough for needing some help...
We will see you then, as you plead for attention ...

What goes around ... comes around ... Just remember that!!  
As you lay in bed weeping, ‘what’d I do to deserve such treatment?’
You know who you are, and what it is that you do ...
A disgrace to humanity you have taken upon you!

I pray for the ones that are in your care
For they truly do not deserve at all to be there
They have given their lives way beyond your capability
And you cause them to live with such humility

Just get out! ... let someone else do the job
For many do care and are much more desired
You sicken me far beyond comprehension ...
Just leave now! ... before another life is forgotten!