Hope from a Stranger

Written by: Jesse Jorges

I awoke that morning, in the back seat of my car,
Homeless, cold, and alone, this time, I fell pretty hard,

I had no one to turn to, I'd burned one bridge too many,
I could have turned to a friend, if I still had any,

A car isn't a home, but I lived in my car, rendering myself homeless,
At that moment, for the first time in my life, I truly felt hopeless,

That feeling is still so vividly scary, it's something I'll always remember,
And it's been in the back of my mind, every single day, since September,

But life's kinda funny, the feeling didn't last long,
Because soon after, I found hope, when I met Jen's mom,

She barely knew me, but didn't judge me like most do,
She opened up her home to me, God Bless you Sue,

Words can't explain, how thankful I am, to have you in my life,
I ask God to bless you, ever single night,

You'll never be forgotten, you've done more for me, than you'll know,
You're the antidote to hopeless, you gave me hope