The One for Me

Written by: JAY JOHNSON

                                           Oh how I long for love,
                The love of my life, a woman not perfect but just right.
When I find her I will love her from the soles of her feet to the crown of her head.
                                 With out this love my soul lies dead.
                                    Not to find this love in my life,
                               Abolishes my dream of a future wife.
                  When I find her, I'll marry her and let the God above
                       Plant and cultivate the seed of everlasting love.
                             Only by itself can that love be awakened,
                              That love I won't let be shaken or taken.
                                 I've loved several, I gave them my all,
But not knowing what love was, I stood helplessly by, and watched love fall.
          I gave it my all, with all of my might, but God knew what I didn't,
                                               The time wasn't right.
                                   With faith, and not a doubt, I will find,
                               The woman who will make my life divine.
                                            With fear, it might be to late,
                                     I'll place my future in the hand of fate.
                                         Maybe one day, I hope it will be.
                 I will hold her close hearing her say, she was waiting for me.

                                                      Jay Johnson

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