Setting of the Sun

Written by: Angelie Acapuyan

It's like the world has turned on me
The sadness I have and everybody couldn't see
Your music witnessed all of this I know
But will I also wish to see the setting of the sun tomorrow?

So you're lost and I'm lost too
Help me reshuffle my soul and tell me what to do
Is this the scent of the rain I smell,
Or my tears continuously pouring well?

There's always melancholy in my smile
Maybe this crazy world would never understand
But this is just a part of a before-morning dew
You're not alone, I'm here, I'm like you

Many times you've caught my falling heart
With your mourning notes, you always make me a crying art
I will forget the pain someday in a sea that never forgets to run
Or it is gone while it is the setting of the sun