Work Of An Appliance

Written by: Jodie Steward

Never once gave thought
How appliances make life easy,
We have all become lazy
For they do the work for you and me.

How would we keep food
If there's no fridgeadaire,
Buy grocery's as we eat them
To expensive we wouldnt dare.

Cooking wouldnt be possible
For we wouldnt have a range,
We'd have to gather many twigs
Figure the way they need arranged.

What about our dishes
Our luxeries to get them clean,
Dish pan hand's would develop
With dishwashers now this isnt seen.

Our clothes are another issue
Modern day washer and dryer,
Without these would cause pain
For our painful hand would tire.

I have many nice things
One can take all they wish,
Please dont take my appliances
For they are my life and ones i would miss.