I’m a Fake

Written by: tala hamadeh

Do I smile? 
Do I cry? 
When I feel like ive been torn apart
Do I laugh?
Do I scream When
 my heart’s been crushed 
I feel small. I feel hurt I feel gushed
 I’m a fake 
I’m a fake	
Look at me now 
Long lasting laughs 
Along with river of tears
Tears of pain
Tears of hurt
With chains girting my soul 
Bounding me into ever lasting misery 
I feel bruised I feel weak I feel numb 
I’m a fake 
I’m a fake 
The mask that hides all my anguish 
Lashing out all my anger
Languished in my prison
Never shall I escape 
Never shall I die
Just look at me now 
I’m a fake 
I’m a fake