Elections Again

Written by: Lindsay Laurie

You mean it's only been three years! It doesn't seem like that
Since our Prime Minister thanked us, when I sent him into bat. 
What good’s he done for me? Since I helped him reach that position.
I'd get rid of him for sure, if I could trust the opposition!

For weeks now the papers contradicted, and the ‘tallies’ all debate.
There's the devil on the other side, both leaders say they are me mate.
My futures planned, all laid down. It would be perilous to dice!
If all their promises come true, I’m 'gunna' live in paradise!

Saturday's the big day. We the people are about to make or break.
For once in their bloody lives, they rely on us to give or take!
They're all at our mercy; we've got our hands around their throat.
They thrust their cards into these hands, pleading for my vote.

My ‘wish lists’ now are screwed up. Forgot the words been bantered,
And the promises! What promises? Those subjects never mattered!
I’ve been through this before. Have I ever made the right selection?
So here I go again, for Australia. With the rigors of election.

'Get the best out of your precious vote!' ‘An informal votes a waste!’
'Make sure you number every square!' Each day and night I’m cased.
Thank God tomorrow it's all over, I’m back to where I used to be,
Just as poor. No better off. But at least there is some sanity!

Sometimes I meet friends at the booth, that I haven't seen for ages,
There's usually only one subject, and most friends they are sages.
But one old mates' advice has stuck, each time we have this exhibition.
“No matter who I vote for, I'm voting for a politician!”