Love Bloom in the Station Bus

Written by: Ellioza Nacionales

It's 6:30 in the morning 
I am standing in the station bus 
Waiting for a bus way to my work 
When the rain start to drop 
So the umbrella I always bring 
To protect me in cases like this 
I get in inside my bag 
But what got my eyes 
Is not the rain that start to wet the road 
But the man who just stand beside me 
He look at me,smile while he ask me 
If I could share the umbrella with him 
And how can I say no 
When his simple look and smile 
Make my heart beats faster 
And the strong wall I build for years 
To protect my heart from loving 
Due to the obligation I have in my shoulder 
Is now breaking 
Does the wall I made 
Is not Strong enough 
To protect my heart 
Because I feel now 
The wall started to collapse 
Due to the strong beats of my heart? 
Or is it true that falling in love 
Just come and feel it without a warning 
Nor No walls could protect it 
When it start to beat for love? 
Then if it is true 
I still need to guard my heart 
From the deepest pain 
Love might cause.