What Really Love Is?

Written by: Ellioza Nacionales

Some across the ocean,climbed the mountains 
Laydown their life for their friend and love 
Because they said they love.. 
I ask myself I ever feel love? 
Because only thing I do 
Is to give my hug if they are cold 
To give my shoulder when they cry 
To listen when they are in pain 
Im wondering what really love is all about 
I can't across the ocean 
I don't have money to pay for fare 
I can't even swim 
And I couldn't climb the mountains 
I'm week and mountains is high 
I can't laydown my life for them... 
I have still a lot of dream, 
I'm afraid to do such thing 
But i'm sure what is in my heart and mind 
I want my friend and love to be happy 
Even they are not around me,so...do I love?