Bloody Valentine

Written by: Ahmed Rashwan

All I have to say
Is that I'm sorry for the way
I treated you all day

I know what I did was wrong
You used to love me all along
While I was weak, you were strong

But agony ruled my world
To the devil my life was sold
I should have kept my word

And all went upside down
Now, there's no turning around
How cruel I must have sound

I wish you could forgive me
My sin is great, and I'm not worthy
Because I wasn't able to see that you loved me

Now as I wash the blood off my hands
I take time to try and understand
How I drowned in this quick sand

And as I pick the knife off the floor
I feel my life getting sour
I seem to love you more and more

I look in the mirror, I see myself
I feel pain more than I ever felt
I have pushed my life over the shelf

And now that I have lost what's mine
And as I sit her and sip my wine
I think about my bloody valentine